70x7 Life Recovery Muskegon

The Plan

It’s Time!

BtC began our community development work committed to identifying and learning from the community about the most pressing service gaps, then focusing on those well. We quickly saw prisoner re-entry needs. However, we placed high value on programs with confirmed participants and community impact. 70×7 Life Recovery, based in Holland, is that program.

Effective prisoner re-entry is a gap in Muskegon, and BtC is promoting 70×7 Life Recovery Muskegon. 70×7 Life Recovery Muskegon will bring dignity, purpose, and hope to incarcerated citizens returning to Muskegon.

In partnership with 70×7 Life Recovery of Holland, www.70x7liferecovery.org, Muskegon’s is the first replication of this Michigan program with a proven participant recidivism rate. There is a strong alignment of our missions, and it’s time for this work in Muskegon.

Muskegon County’s incarceration recidivism rate exceeds the Michigan state average of 34%. It’s time to have an intentional prisoner re-entry program here, one modeled after the employment and mentoring elements that drive the 70×7 Life Recovery success rate of 6.4%.

70×7 Life Recovery Muskegon is Christ centered, job anchored prisoner re-entry programming. As the first to partner with the Holland anchor organization, we will use the Serving Together work readiness environment and one-on-one mentoring coaches to support returning citizens through life’s roadblocks and help ensure their success. The New Day Staffing temporary employment services designed specifically to place workers with a felony record is already operating successfully in Muskegon County.

You and I want a community where every citizen and neighborhood flourishes.

Effective outreach and service to those incarcerated and returning and their families has never been a more important issue. It’s time.


The Process