70x7 Life Recovery Muskegon

70×7 Life Recovery – Muskegon

Our Mission – To Restore Dignity, Purpose and Hope to a Recovering Community One Relationship at a Time

It’s Time!!

70×7 Life Recovery of Muskegon is bringing Christ centered, job anchored prisoner re-entry programming to Muskegon. We are the first to partner with the anchor organization, 70×7 Life Recovery of Holland, (www.70x7LifeRecovery.org), to replicate prisoner re-entry that provides employment opportunities and coaching to empower citizens returning from prison to Muskegon looking for dignity, purpose and hope.

The Jobs for Life training, Serving Together work-readiness environment, and one-on-one mentoring coaches work together to support returning citizens through life’s roadblocks and help ensure their success. With a proven 4% recidivism rate, this approach to prisoner re-entry makes sense for Muskegon. It’s time. Now.

For years, foundations, civic and service organizations, faith communities, public and private agencies, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, businesses, charities—all visionaries—have remained committed to Muskegon’s Renewal. No matter the challenge, the proverbial glass is not just half full; it’s filling up more every day.

You and I want a community where every citizen and neighborhood flourishes.

Effective outreach and service to the individuals incarcerated and their families has never been a more important thread in this beautiful Muskegon tapestry. Leading 70×7 Life Recovery Muskegon is The Plan.

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“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill