70x7 Life Recovery - Muskegon, EXIT Program, Muskegon Community

Meaningful Work Matters

Finding dignity and purpose for your life through meaningful work is truth we can all embrace. And BtC has the opportunity to be integrally engaged as we continue to step up and help connect EXIT program participants to meaningful work.

Bridge to Communities is now also doing business as 70×7 Life Recovery – Muskegon, expanding to serve the broader post-incarcerated community. That means helping to build networks that provide jobs, train and provide work and life skills mentors, and champion successful family and financial life.

Tall order. Do-able. Exciting beyond description!

Meaningful and gainful work is crucial to so much of life’s success. A key piece of the Muskegon EXIT program is job skills for marketable, meaningful work. These men are learning relevant manufacturing skills to obtain and retain employment through one of our many partner businesses!

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